Friday, June 23, 2017

Oh look, a mermaid!

I don't know about you, but I believed narwhals were fairy tales, myths, just like unicorns. You can imagine my surprise when I found out they really exist! These wonderful creatures roam the earth, just like the enchanted fireflies do! So, on one of my magical journeys, I met Ezekiel the baby narwhal.
copyright Chantilly on Top

Like most narwhals, Ezekiel was a kindhearted fellow. On a faithful day, he was swimming around, friendly waving his fin to to all the passersby. And then, suddenly, he saw a mermaid... A mermaid! The creatures he believed to be fairy tales, myths. Oh, if only he could take a closer look! So he started swimming real fast, as fast as a great white that just smelled blood. "Mermaid! Mermaid, hello!" But she did not hear him. So when he got closer, he suddenly realized the tusk on the front of his head had grown to it's full potential...

copyright Chantilly on Top

Thursday, February 9, 2017


Swaying on the movement of the wind, he contemplated his vague memories of what seemed to be a previous life. Fragments of big buildings and bigger decisions flashed before his eyes. And suddenly, a group of people that were chanting a name. Could it be his? Feeling the sun on his fluffy white fibers, he delighted in the thought he must have been quite an important figure. What would his current existence have in store? Disturbed by a noise getting louder he looked up and saw his fellow bolls be ripped of the plants. This was too much and he fainted.

copyright Chantilly on Top

When he woke up, he was happy that it was still warm. He looked down and recognized the shoes he was wearing. Black and shiny, just the way he liked it. Suddenly, he felt like he was pulled out of the warm environment he awakened in. Feeling cold and wet, he looked at his tiny hands, covered in smelly blood. Just seconds after he realized his whole body was covered in the goo, he was flushed.

This work is made in a protest against Donald Trump, the current president of the USA. With disgust I witness the steps against humanity he takes every day. History should NOT repeat itself...

Friday, January 20, 2017

Revelation, a customized Munny

It wasn't that the shackles were necessary to keep the Munny on it's icy pedestal. He never had the urge to leave anyway. Chained to the poles that where frozen in the icy lake, he looked at the quotes written in the adamant water. Superficial citations mesmerized him and although all of them said more or less the same thing, he kept on reading them over and over again.

copyright Chantilly on Top

Suddenly, his belly teared open and the black Raven crawled out of the rupture. The warm blood dripping of his feathers, he sat on one of the poles. Realizing what just happened, he embraces the feeling of freedom. He then spreads his wings and flies away, never to return again.

This customized Munny was made especially for the 25th birthday of the magazine "Schokkend Nieuws".

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Expo-opening on Halloween!

October 31st was my expo-opening in Theater de NWE Vorst in Tilburg. We first watched my favorite movie "The Nightmare Before Christmas" with all the visitors and after that the expo was officially opened. Glasses filled with bubbles made for a festive mood and ooohs and aaahs were uttered while people wandered through the room my work was in.

It was a fantastic experience that I am very thankful for. Have fun looking through the pictures that were made!

Setting up
Coming Soon poster!
Interview for Dutch radio in the morning
Opening evening!
More visitors that night
Overview from one side
And from the other side
My name on the window!

Friday, September 30, 2016

Cactus Jim

Cactus Jim, Jim for friends, isn't like the other cacti you find at your neighborhood pop-up store. The rest of them are happy with a quiet place and some water every other week. But Jim is.... well, Jim is more social I guess. And he likes to be petted. All day he longs for hands caressing his head and he loves nothing more then being stroked until he falls a sleep at night.

copyright Chantilly on Top

Being a prickly cactus, Jim finds it very hard to find someone to give him the tickles he yearns for so much. So, being the good cactus-mom I am, I took him to the Daltons Barbershop right around our corner. They supplied him with an old straight razor and let him do his thing. Now his forehead is as smooth as a baby's bottom. He just has to wait for the bleeding to stop and the petting sessions can begin!

Monday, June 27, 2016

Fred the Pitcher Plant!

Sometimes, the hunter becomes the hunted. Especially when you are as gorgeous as Fred. While wandering over the sunny meadow, looking at bumblebees, I happen to notice these flying fur balls were all flying in one particular direction. My curiosity is easily triggered, so I followed my fuzzy friends to the entity that was luring them.

copyright Chantilly on Top

In the midst of the long grass, a hungry pitcher plant was chomping and slurping the fluffy darlings I so adore. But I must admit, I forgot all about those black-yellow-striped-beauties as soon as I lay my eyes upon Fred...

I plucked him right out of his habitat, took him home and mounted him on a nice piece of wood. Now I can look at him all day and show him to my friends and family. He also makes great use as a decanter for margarita parties!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Georgie, protector of the woods!

On the Northern half of the Hemisphere, the sun is getting stronger every day. This generally means we all go outside and enjoy it's warming rays on luminous terraces, summery beaches or the blooming forest. And, being the weird species we are, leave empty bags of potato chips, cans and packages of some sort. What a scare people had this week when something hollered from between the bushes.

copyright Chantilly on Top

Georgie, usually a polite and calm piece of moss, was so fed up with the abuse of his surroundings, he unleashed a manly yell each time somebody littered in his surrounding. At first, it worked of course. Frighted humans excused themselves and took their garbage home. But eventually they got used to the green furred angry guy, and started to have fun with his bad-tempered howls. Yesterday, a game was organized to see who could make him scream the hardest. As a result, Georgie's domain is covered in trash and he has a sore throat.