Welcome to Chantilly on Top!

My name is Chantal Goddery and I'm a cat-rubbing, cappuccino-drinking dreamer. I make stuff.

The "stuff" usually are small sculptures and diorama's. The creatures in my work seem to be frozen in time, like they are taken from a film-still. They seem to have a message for the viewer, or perhaps they're reflecting an element of mankind's nature that is too harsh to show without disguise.

I'm doing the thing I have always loved; telling stories through one or multiple images. This way, people can take a look inside the world in my head. Because I've always loved dreaming. And although I was told not to dream so much while I was growing up, I'm so happy I never stopped! Add hard work, a plan, some sugar and spice and voilĂ ; a chance to share my dreams and stories with others!

Enter, wander around, be inspired and get scared once in a while!