Georgie, protector of the woods!

On the Northern half of the Hemisphere, the sun is getting stronger every day. This generally means we all go outside and enjoy it's warming rays on luminous terraces, summery beaches or the blooming forest. And, being the weird species we are, leave empty bags of potato chips, cans and packages of some sort. What a scare people had this week when something hollered from between the bushes.

copyright Chantilly on Top

Georgie, usually a polite and calm piece of moss, was so fed up with the abuse of his surroundings, he unleashed a manly yell each time somebody littered in his surrounding. At first, it worked of course. Frighted humans excused themselves and took their garbage home. But eventually they got used to the green furred angry guy, and started to have fun with his bad-tempered howls. Yesterday, a game was organized to see who could make him scream the hardest. As a result, Georgie's domain is covered in trash and he has a sore throat.