Fool for you

Like most performers, Esmeralda lived for her audience. Night after night she would perform for her favorite patrons and indulge in the cheering and the, not so occasional, standing ovations. Of course she had a rent to pay, but if that wouldn't be the case, she'd work for free. That's how much she loved the praise and recognition. Like it provided her with some sort of nutrition.

copyright Chantilly on Top

But as with all things that are in fashion, the devotion of her admirers faded over time. A new act on the block stole the hearts of the crowd and left Esmeralda with nothing more than a few obsessed crumbs. But that wasn't enough to feed her hungry heart. In a state of complete despair she reinvented herself one night. A miracle that she survived the whole ordeal, she managed to train her now separated hands to follow her lead. Handling a fork and knife is difficult nowadays, but her most important source of nourishment again provides her with more energy she could ever long for.