Fred the Pitcher Plant!

Sometimes, the hunter becomes the hunted. Especially when you are as gorgeous as Fred. While wandering over the sunny meadow, looking at bumblebees, I happen to notice these flying fur balls were all flying in one particular direction. My curiosity is easily triggered, so I followed my fuzzy friends to the entity that was luring them.

copyright Chantilly on Top

In the midst of the long grass, a hungry pitcher plant was chomping and slurping the fluffy darlings I so adore. But I must admit, I forgot all about those black-yellow-striped-beauties as soon as I lay my eyes upon Fred...

I plucked him right out of his habitat, took him home and mounted him on a nice piece of wood. Now I can look at him all day and show him to my friends and family. He also makes great use as a decanter for margarita parties!