Obsessions: Monosaccharide Trap

Like all butterflies, Joseph loves flowers. He spends spring and summer searching for the most colorful petals, hoping to find the sweetests of nectars. Occasionally, he pauses on a giant leaf to rest his wings and digest his nourishments. Only to get right back to flower hunting when he's sufficiently invigorated. Except for these quick brakes, his quest for nectarous flora never ends. And when you are that focused on your goals, chances are you'll get blinded in pursuing them.

copyright Chantilly on Top

While anticipating to find his next gem, he is suddenly startled by a smell so sweet, his heart skips a beat. In a flash, he rushes to the flower that diffuses the intoxicating scent. Looking at it for just a brief moment, he then closes his eyes and extracts the juicy sap out of the blooms loins. Only to be pulled out of his ecstasy by the sound of a cage being closed. Knowing the flower will wither soon, Joseph takes a seat on the swing and stares into infinity.