Obsessions: Lumen Encantador

As the sun sets, and the moon awakes, fluffy winged creatures appear in the night. You can hear them flutter in search for some snacks. And while it's common belief that they pray on your woolen winter coat, they much rather devour the half eaten apple that's slowly decaying in your garden. But searching for rotten refreshments is just an in-between activity. The thing they really crave, is light. Bright, white illumination.

copyright Chantilly on Top

Like all moths, Dorothy spends most of her time hanging around porch lights, car blinkers and campfires. While her uncle evaporated when coming to close to a flame and her father's sister ended as a gooey mess on a car window, she can't help but seeking for glows and flashes. Although she knows that when she finally reaches the light, it will disable her to go back into the dark. So she just sits there. Cuddling her beaming friend and waiting for night to be over.