Thursday, December 4, 2014

Obsessions: Sang Juteuse

It all started with a bet. They came home after a game of leaf-surfing and most of them were in a mischievous mood. Only one or two of the group ever tried it before, but the stories sounded alluring. Naturally, James knew the dangers of trying something that audacious, but peer pressure can be fierce and effective.

copyright Chantilly on Top

The first sip tasted like greasy tinfoil saturated with tar. But after a few big gulps, it evolved in a more velvety aroma. A bouquet of the finest truffles and some burnt chocolate tones caressed his tongue. A distinct vanilla finish lingered after he swallowed his last drop. Everyone cheered and applauded James' boldness. It made him feel like a star...

copyright Chantilly on Top

Waking up from a blurry haze, James could not suppress the thirst emerging from his throat. Of course, if he were female, at least he would have mandibles to pierce some mammals skin and suck the sap right out of the source. But for a man, the only way to get some blood, is going to a bar. So he went. And he has been going ever since.