Revelation, a customized Munny

It wasn't that the shackles were necessary to keep the Munny on it's icy pedestal. He never had the urge to leave anyway. Chained to the poles that where frozen in the icy lake, he looked at the quotes written in the adamant water. Superficial citations mesmerized him and although all of them said more or less the same thing, he kept on reading them over and over again.

copyright Chantilly on Top

Suddenly, his belly teared open and the black Raven crawled out of the rupture. The warm blood dripping of his feathers, he sat on one of the poles. Realizing what just happened, he embraces the feeling of freedom. He then spreads his wings and flies away, never to return again.

This customized Munny was made especially for the 25th birthday of the magazine "Schokkend Nieuws".