Swaying on the movement of the wind, he contemplated his vague memories of what seemed to be a previous life. Fragments of big buildings and bigger decisions flashed before his eyes. And suddenly, a group of people that were chanting a name. Could it be his? Feeling the sun on his fluffy white fibers, he delighted in the thought he must have been quite an important figure. What would his current existence have in store? Disturbed by a noise getting louder he looked up and saw his fellow bolls be ripped of the plants. This was too much and he fainted.

copyright Chantilly on Top

When he woke up, he was happy that it was still warm. He looked down and recognized the shoes he was wearing. Black and shiny, just the way he liked it. Suddenly, he felt like he was pulled out of the warm environment he awakened in. Feeling cold and wet, he looked at his tiny hands, covered in smelly blood. Just seconds after he realized his whole body was covered in the goo, he was flushed.

This work is made in a protest against Donald Trump, the current president of the USA. With disgust I witness the steps against humanity he takes every day. History should NOT repeat itself...