We went to the Cotton Candy Machine!

I've been in love with the work of Tara McPherson for a few years now and since she has a gallery/boutique in Brooklyn (named the Cotton Candy Machine), this was one of the must-see's on my New York wishlist. Last Christmas, Eddy got me a giclée print of "The Lover" and we were thinking of complementing this with work from some other artists. So a few weeks before our trip, I looked what artist the gallery was featuring. Lucky us; on May the 11th, Scott C. would open his art show with new watercolors!

Tender Times

Wow, the work of this man is just super cute! I've got a Hi-Fructose edition with work of him in it, so I already was a little familiar with this ingenious guy. But seeing yet another world he created, we loved it! Everything in his paintings is cute, even the scary guys. We decided on treating ourselves with a reproduction of "Mortimer in his Living Room" from the "Zombie in Love" book. I just can't stop looking at the tiny worms playing cards. We also bought the "Amazing Everything" book. But of course I was too shy to ask him if he could sign it :)

search the card playing worms!

It was wonderful to be there, see the boutique and more work of Tara also. I really like the colors she works with, and the mysterious atmosphere of her creations. Eddy and I went early because we were meeting my parents for sushi (mmmmm!) later that night. So, unfortunately we didn't see Tara McPherson herself. But I bet we will visit New York again some day, so who knows.
More of our New York and San Francisco adventures will follow soon!

the boutique