Unicorn Dreams

Ever since he was young, Fender knew he was special. While he grew older, his ambitions became more strong. Colorful heavens and sparkly dusts dwelt in his mind until one day, he was hit by an epiphany; He was meant to be a unicorn!

copyright Chantilly on Top

After this, everything went really fast. He let his hair grow and asked the barber for a lavender curly do. Then he invested in a one of kind horn he found on eBay and got a little heart tattoo on his derrière. While he was inserting the purple lenses in his eyes as a finishing touch, he suddenly started feeling nauseous. Then the strangest thing occurred: Fender vomited. But not just an average blur of bile and half digested foods. Fender vomited a rainbow and he has been doing ever since. He's thinking of changing his name to Twinkle Beam.